(Past) Events in Analytic Philosophy in Europe
(and Overseas Countries)

ESAP and SIFA pages of Events in Europe -  1998-2007 (with some gaps)

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2002 JUNE   June 5-8 Sonderborg (Denmark) Workshop on Processes-Analysis and Application of Dynamic Categories (contact: Johanna Seibt: filseibt@hum.au.dk) June 14-18 Lund (Sweden) IV Conference of the European Society For Analytic Philosophy (contact: ECAP4@fil.lu.se) June 19-22 University of Alberta (Canada) 28 Meeting society for Philosophy and Psychology June 21-23 Miskolc (Hungary) Intentionality: Past and future.  

2002 JULY   July 1-2 Edinburgh (Scotland) The Will in Moral Psychology
July 1-4 Lugano (Switzerland) Argumentation in Dialogic Interaction
July 3-6 Sheffield (United Kingdom) Innateness and the Structure of the Mind
July 3-7 Vienna (Austria) Karl Popper 2002 Centenary Congress
July 4-5 Glascow (Scotland) British Society for the Philosophy of Science Conference
July 5-8 Glascow (Scotland) Joint Session Aristotelian Society and Mind
July 28 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Meaning Negotiation
July 28-29 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada The 8th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (contact: Chris Welty: welty@cs.vassar.edu)
July 20 - August 1 Copenhagen (Denmark)  Federated Logic Conference
July 30- August 2 Calcutta (India) Mysticism, Reason, Art and  Literature: East West Perspectives
July 31 Kentucky (USA) 14th Biennal International Workshop-Conference on Teaching Philosophy  

2002 AUGUST  
August 3-10 Muenster (Germany)
Logic Colloquium 2002
August 6-10 Helsinki (Finland)
Helsinki Hume Conference
August 7-13 Oviedo (Spain)
12 International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
August 8-10 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, (USA) 
Computing and Philosophy Conference
August 12-15 St Andrews (Scotland)
Does Mathematics require Foundation?
August 11-17 Kirchberg am Wechsel (Austria) 
25th International Wittgenstein Symposium
August 13-24 Trento (Italy)
August 27-31 Mexico
International Congress on Philosophy of Culture and Intercultural Philosophy  

September 2-4 Oxford (UK)
T. H. Green And Contemporary Philosophy An Interdisciplinary Conference
September 2-6 Bolzano (Italy)
BISCA-2002 Bolzano International Schools in Cognitive Analysis
September 4-6 Edinburgh (Scotland)
Edilog: Pragmatic and Semantics of Dialogue
September 8-11 Great Britain
Digital Resources for the Humanities
September 9-12 Great Britain
Visual Representations and Interpretations
September 9-10 Rome (Italy)
The Cognitive Foundations of Mathematics
September 10-13 Prague (Czech Republic)
Prague International Colloquium on Formal Epistemology
September 11-14 Ireland
Annual Conference of the Society for European Philosophy
September 12-13 Great Britain Science and Belief: from Natural History to Natural Science
September 12-15 Great Britain
International Conference on Music and Artificial Intelligence
September 13-15 Oxford (England)
Action and Agency
September 13-15 Great Britain
Annual Conference of the British Society of Aesthetics
September 18-19 Edimburgh (UK)
Hume Studies in Britain (contact: Marina Frasca-Spada: mfs10@cam.ac.uk
September 19-21 Berlin (Germany)
September 20 Great Britain
Social and Politica Thought Graduate Conference
September 20-22 Great Britain
12th Annaul Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society
September 22-27 Cesena (Italy)
Logic Summer School
September 26-28 Roskilde (Denmark)
The Mathematics of Modern Physics from 1850 to 1940
September 27-29 Oporto (Portugal) II. International Cognitive Science Conferenze (contact: sociedade.filosofia@clix.pt)
September 30-October 4 Nancy (France)
International Symposium: Philosophical Insights into Logic and Mathematics  

October 3-4 Oxford (England) Rational Animals?
October 3-5 Bergamo (Italy) SIFA National Conference: Representing and Inferring Dedlne: July
8 October 4-5 Texas (USA) South Central Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy
October 7-11 Tampere (Finland) 21th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER 2002
October 17-20 Ontario (Canada) Philosophy and Neuroscience
October 24-26 Brussels (Belgium) Perspectives on Mathematical Practices
October 24-26 Indiana (USA) Humanities and Technology Association Conference
October 25-26 Genoa (Italy) WOC'02: Semantics and Pragmatics
October 25-25 Oregon (USA) 54th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference
October 25-27 The Pennsylvania State University, PA (USA) 75th Biennial Meeting of the Hegel Society of America Hegel and Language
October 28-30 Bielefeld (Germany) Ethics of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (contact: meggle@uni-leipzig.de)
October 31-Novermber 2 Roskilde (Denmark)  Self-reference

2002 NOVEMBER November 1-3 Ontario (Canada) North American Conference on Philosophical Counseling
November 16 Oxford (Great Britain) 6th Annual Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference
November 18-22 Singapore (Singapore) 9th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP'02), 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL'02), International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'02)
November 28-30 Great Britain Philosophy as...
November 28 Girona (Spain) Workshop on Wittgenstein
November 29-30 Padova (Italy) Italo-Spanish Meeting in Analytic Philosophy November 30 Hungary A New Research Agenda for Philosophy

December 11 Padova (Italy) Padova Philosophers meet Rijeka Philosophers. Contact: pierdaniele.giaretta@unipd.it
December 9-12 Trento (Italy) Barry Smith's Lectures on the Ontology of Social Reality. Contact: Nicola.Guarino@ladseb.pd.cnr.it
December 27-30 Pennsylvania (USA) American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

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January 30-February 1 Indiana (USA)  Russian-American Conference on Cosmology and Theology
Februaryb14-17 GermanyFoundations of the Formal Sciences IV
March 23-29 Glasgow (UK) Computing and Philosophy Conference Deadline: August 30, 2002
March 26-30 Winsconsin (USA)American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting
March 27-29 Valencia (Spain) II. Inter-university Workshop of Mind, Art and Morality

April 9-11 Cambridge (UK) Platonism (contact: Douglas Hedley: rdh26@hermes.cam.ac.uk and/or Sarah Hutton s.hutton@mdx.ac.uk
April 24-26 Ohio (USA)American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting

May 14-17 Canada  International Symposium on Informal Logic (IL@25)
June 18-20 Stanford, California (USA) CONTEXT-03
July 13-18 Toronto (Canada) 8th International Pragmatics Conference
July 18-21 Belfast (Ireland) Joint Session Aristotelian Society-Mind Association
July 21-23 Great Britain British Society for Ethical Theory

August 7-13 Spain International Congress of Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science
August 10-17 Istanbul (Turkey) World Congress of Philosophy
August 20-25 Greece Conference on Anglo-American Idealism

August 21-24 Malta
XVIth European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care
December 5 London (UK)  Aristotle on Potentiality and Actuality

December 5-6 Roma (Italy) 
Le "Ricerche" di Wittgenstein dopo cinquant'anni
December 6 Leeds (UK)  Truthmakers, Time and Change
December 7-10 Palmerston North (New Zeland) 50th Annual Conference of the New Zeland Branch of the Australasian Association of Philosophy
December 12 Milano (Italy)  Dentro la Matrice
December 12 Milano (Italy) Filosofia analitica, valori e norme (contact: politeia@fildir.unimi.it)

December 12-13 Trieste (Italy) 
5th Italian-German Meeting in Analytic Philosophy
December 13 Tokyo (Japan)  Politics of Bioethics
December 13 St. Andrews (Scotland)  Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association Winter Conference
December 13 Great Britain  Descartes & Hume
December 15 Great Britain Badiou's Ethics and Subjectivity (contact: Jon Baldwin JonLgu@aol.com)

December 15-16 Napoli (Italy) Semiotica, fenomenologia e ricerche cognitive
December 19 Paris (France) Journée d'étude de l'IHPST, en Histoire de la philosophie des sciences
December 19 Ghent (Belgium) Modernity, the Moral Domain and the Task of the Moral Philosophy
December 19-21 Amsterdam (Netherlands) 14th Amsterdam Colloquium


December 2-3 Leuven (Belgium) 
Criteria of Identity
December 2-4 Clermnt-Ferrand (France) Jean Cavaillès. La philosophie du concept aujourd'hui
December 4-5 Glasgow (Scotland)  Individuating the Senses Conference
December 6-8 Vienna (Austria) Pluralism: Exploring Critical Issues (contact: Rob Fisher rf@inter-disciplinary.net)
December 9 Milano (Italy)  Immagini della mente: neuroscienze, arte, filosofia
December 9 Florence (Italy)  Il concetto di a priori materiale
December 10-11 Edinburgh (Scotland) Scots Philosophical Club Meeting (contact: Bill Pollard bill.pollard@ed.ac.uk)
December 10-11 Vercelli (Italy) Mente, scienze e società (contact: Michele Di Francesco difran@lett.unipmn.it)
December 10-11 Konstanz (Germany)  On the Rational Legitimization of Political Norms under Conditions of Cultural Pluralism and Cultural Changes
December 11 London (UK) Scientia in the Early Modern Period (THE WARBURG INSTITUTE WOBURN SQUARE LONDON WC1H OAB (020) 7862 8949)
December 13-14 Paris (France)  Formal vs. Historical Accounts of Scientific Theory Change
December 13-17 Rome (Italy) Workshop on Wittgenstein (contact: Rosaria Egidi  egidi@uniroma3.it)
December 16-17 Torino (Italy) La Percezione della Scienza nella Società Occidentale
December 16-18 Pavia (Italy)  Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Engineering Abduction, Visualization and Simulation
December 16-18 Murcia (Spain)  Fourth Congress of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (SEFA)
December 17 Rome (Italy) Giornata in ricordo di Vittorio Somenzi Testimonianze e riflessioni (contact: Barbara Continenza continenza@lettere.uniroma2.it)
December 20-27 Philadelphia (USA) Theories of the Will (contact: Louis Suarez-Potts at luispo@mac.com)
December 27-30 Boston, Ma, (USA) 2004 Eastern Division APA meeting (contact: Rosalind Carey rcarey@lehman.cuny.edu

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January 7-9 Bangkok (Thailand)The Second Asia-Pacific Computing and Philosophy Conference, AP-CAP 2005
January 13-16 Honolulu Hawaii, (USA)  3rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
January 15-16 Miami, FL, (USA)Graduate Student Conference in Epistemology
January 20-21 Camberra (Australia) Concept and Conceptual Analysis
January 21-22 London (UK) Metaphor: an Interdisciplinary Conference
January 28-29 Lisbon (Portugal) SSTNET workshop "Biotech Age"
January 28-29 Norwich (UK) PARADOXES: An International Conference (contact: mavis.reynolds@uea.ac.uk)

February 2-4 Amsterdam (Netherlands) Rational Believing and Knowledge
February 4-5 St. Andrews (Scotland) Arché Vagueness Workshop
February 5 Oxford (UK) One-day Workshop on Aggregation and Numbers
February 10-11 Aarhus (Denmark) Epistemological Contrastivism
February 10-12 Salt Lake City, UT (USA) 2005 Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference
February 12 Pittsburgh, PA, (USA) Conference Commemorating the Centenary of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis of 1905
February 18-20 St. Andrews (Scotland) Arché Graduate Conference 2005
February 18-20 Tucson, AZ, (USA) The Socratic Legacy: The Tenth Annual Arizona Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
February 24 Canberra (Australia) perceptio and the External World (contact: Karen Downing karend@coombs.anu.edu.au)
February 26-27 Princeton, NJ (USA) Sixth Annual Princeton - Rutgers Graduate Philosophy Conference

2005 MARCH
March 2-4 Montreal (Canada) Graduate Conference on Cognitive Science
March 2-5 Columbia, SC, (USA) Conference on Nanotechnology: The Ethical and Legal Issues
March 2-5 Edimburgh (Scotland) The Good and the Idea of the Good in Plato's Republic
March 3-4 Pueble (Mexico) ¿Ética sin filosofía o con filosofía? (contact: celidagod@hotmail.com)
March 3-5 Anchorage, Alaska, (USA) Ethics Beauty Environment: The Wilderness of Signs
March 4-5 London (UK) Natural Philosophy and the Origins of Empiricism
March 4-5 London (UK) The Centenary of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis
March 11-13 Certosa di Pontignano - Siena (Italy) International Conference "Intentionality, Deliberation and Autonomy - The Action-Theoretic Basis of Practical Philosophy"
March 17-18 London (UK) From Darwin to Dawkins
March 21-22 Roma (Italy) Pragmatismo e filosofia analitica: differenze e interazioni (contact. Elisa Paganini Elisa.Paganini@unimi.it)
March 21-23 Stanford, CA, (USA) AAAI Spring Symposium: Developmental Robotics
March 25-27 San Francisco, CA (USA) American Philosophical Association: 2005 Pacific Division Meeting
March 25- 3 Montreux (Switzerland) 1st World Congress and School on Universal Logic (UNILOG 2005)
March 26-30 Montreux (Switzerland)School on Universal Logic
March 30-31 Hertfordshire (UK) The Second UK Kant Society Graduate Conference on Kant (contact: Isabell Ward   I.Ward@herts.ac.uk)
March 30-April 1 Oxford (UK) The Varieties of Analysis: Conceptions of Analysis in the History of Philosophy
March 31-April 1 Cave Hill (Barbados) Philosophy Symposium 2005: Conceptualising Philosophy
March 31.April 1 Mount Berry, GA, (USA)  conference on Constitutional Law, Political Philosophy, and American Politics
March 31-april 3 Montreux (Switzerland) Congress on Universal Logic

2005 APRIL
April 1-3 Moscow, ID, (USA) Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference: Time and Identity
April 1-3 Warwick (UK) Causal Understanding and Intuitive Physics: A Worksho (contact: C.Hoerl@warwick.ac.uk)
April 4 Bologna (Italy) Russell Festival (Contact: Eva Picardi eva.picardi@unibo.it)
April 4-5 Padova (Italy) Marcus Willaschek's Lectures on Kant and McDowell (contact: massimiliano.carrara@unipd.it)
April 4-5 Zurich (Switzerland) Epistemology and Emotions
April 6-7 Milano (Italy) International Conference on C.S. Peirce (contact: rossella.fabbrichesi@unimi.it)
April 7-8 Oxford (UK) UACES Student Forum Sixth Annual Conference
April 7-8 Rijeka (Croatia) Biological Knowledge and Philosophy: European Perspectives (contact: ana.gavran@ri.htnet.hr)
April 8-9 Berne (Switzerland) Consciousness of the Past (contact: Stefan Kristensen stefan.kristensen@lettres.unige.ch)
April 8-10 Baton Rouge, LA, (USA) Reason and Evaluation
April 8-10 Yale (USA) Metaphysics, History, Ethics: A conference in honor of Robert Merrihew Adams (contact Larry Jorgensen larry.jorgensen@yale.edu)
April 8-10 Oxford, (UK) Philosophy of the New
April 8-10 New York, NY, (USA) The Annual International Meeting of the Conference for the Study of Political Thought for 2005 (contact: Rebecca Bloom at rcj7@columbia.edu)
April 9 Buffalo, NY, (USA) Graduate Conference on Aristotle (contact: Audrey Anton aanton@buffalo.edu)
April 10-13 Kaiserslautern (Germany) Second International Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics (WSPI 2005)
April 11-12 Milano (Italy) Milano-Rjieka Meeting in Analytic Philosophy (contact: elisa.paganini @unimi.it)
April 11-13 Madrid (Spain) 5th Winter Workshop on Economics and Philosophy
April 11-16 Dubrovnik (Croatia) Philosophy of Science Conference (contact: Michel Ghins ghins@lofs.ucl.ac.be)
April 12-13 Hatfield (UK) Next Generation Approaches to Machine Consciousness: Imagination, Development, Intersubjectivity, and Embodiment
April 14-15 New York, NY (USA) Fairness: Its Role in Our Lives
April 14-16 Baylor (UK) Hume and His Critics: A Conference on the Scottish Enlightenment
April 14-16 Cambridge (UK) Experimental Pragmatics Conference
April 15-17 Atlanta, GA, (USA) Competing Paradigms of Rights and Responsibility? Children in the Discourses of Religion and International Human Rights
April 18-19 Paris (France) Interpreting Descartes'  Geometry
April 18-20 Madrid (Spain) 15th Inter-University Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science
April 21-23 Neuchâtel (Switzerland) Contemporary Perspectives on Logicism
April 25-26 Katowice (Poland) On the Nature of Human Time: Philosophy and Psychology in Dialogue (contact: bogrod@interia.pl)
April 28-30 Budapest (Hungary) Truth, Reference and Realism
April 30 Oxford (UK) Philosophy of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biology (contact: susan.hurley@all.souls.ox.ac.uk)

2005 MAY
May 4-7 Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain) ICCS'05 Ninth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science (contact: ylppemil@sf.ehu.es)
May 5-6 Wien (Austria) Annual Meeting of the German Society for the History of Science (contact: mitchell.ash@univie.ac.at)
May 6-7 Bologna (Italy) Workshop on Causality, Probability and Rationality (Institute of Advanced Study, University of Bologna Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini ? Via Martelli, 22-24 Bologna.Bus 14 A; car park access Via Pallavicini)
May 7 Warwick (UK) Seventh Annual Graduate Conference in Political Theory (contact: Andrew Reeve a.w.reeve@warwick.ac.uk)
May 9-13 Chicoutimi, Québec (Canada) Interprétation et Justification (contact: sandra.lapointe@concordia.ca)
May 13-14 Bristol (UK) The Methodology of Epistemology (contact: Alexander Bird)
May 13-14 Colchester, Essex (UK) Difference, Borders, Others 6th Essex Graduate Conference in Political Theory
May 13-15 Stirling (UK) The Philosophy of Biology (contact: m.w.wheeler@stir.ac.uk)
May 13-15 Toronto (Canada) Value & Inquiry Fifth Annual Graduate Conference in Philosophy
May 14-18 Hamilton (Canada) Russell versus Meinong: 100 years after "On Denoting"
May 15-16 Turku (Finland) Workshop on Response-Dependence
May 18-20 Bielefeld (Germany)Causality. Metaphysics and Methods
May 19-20 Dublin (Ireland) Postgraduate Confernece (contact: Richard Hamilton rhamilt@tcd.ie)
May 19-20 Konstanz (Germany) What is Quantum in Quantum Computing?
May 18-21 Hamilton (Canada) The Uses of Argument
May 19-21 Bolzano (Italy) Seminar on Bi-and Multilingualism and Cognition
May 19-22 Toronto (Canada) Philosophy, Logic, and Linguistics
May 20-21 Bergamo (Italy) On what (perhaps) there is (University of Bergamo via Salvecchio, 19 Room 1)
May 20 Lugano (Switzerland) Cervello, coscienza e cultura (contact: cristina.furrer@lu.unisi.ch)
May 21-22 Sheffield (UK) Gender, the Body and Objectification
May 21-23 Catania (Italy) The Concept of Function in Biology and Language (contact: Francesco Coniglione f.coniglione@unict.it)
May 23-27 Trondheim (Norway) Interdisciplinary graduate course and workshop, "Bridging Cultures: Computer Ethics, Culture, and ICT"
May 23-27 Vercelli (Italy) Frederic Kroon's Lectures on The Paradox of Non-Existence (contact: Alberto Voltolini albertov@lett.unipmn.it)
May 24-28 Exeter (UK) Postgraduate Workshop in Philosophy of Biology (contact: Staffan Mueller-Wille S.E.W.Mueller-Wille@exeter.ac.uk)
May 24-28 Lille (France) Proof in Mathematics: Logical, historical, and philosophical approaches (contact: pierre.cassou-nogues@univ-lille3.fr)
May 25-27 Amsterdam (Netherlands) Identity: Ontological Perspectives (contact: Identity@ph.vu.nl)
May 26-29 Konstanz (Germany) Causation: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
May 27-28 London (UK) Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Natural Science.
May 27-28 Berkeley, CA, (USA) A Graduate Student Conference in Political Theory (contact: theoryconference@lists.berkeley.edu)
May 28 Pamplona (Spain) Workshop on Vagueness (contact: Pablo Cobreros pcobrer@alumni.unav.es)
May 28-29 Bucharest (Romania) The 3rd International Colloquium in Analytic Philosophy: Mind, Language and Knowledge
May 29-30 London, Ontario, (Canada) Technology and the Changing Face of Humanity (contact: cbeauvais@ustpaul.ca or rfeist@ustpaul.ca)
May 30-April 1 Oxford (UK) The Varieties of Analysis: Conceptions of Analysis in the History of Philosophy
May 29-31 London, Ontario (Canada) The Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS)Annual Conference (contact: cshps05@uwo.ca)
May 31 Bergamo (Italy) Study Day on Theology and Metaphysics (Faculty of Letters and Philosophy Monastery Complex of Sant'Agostino Piazzale Sant'Agostino, 2 Room 1)
May 31-April 3 Montreux (Switzerland) 1st World Congress and School on Universal Logic (UNILOG 2005)

2005 JUNE
June 1 Milano (Italy) A Day for Freedom: an International Conference on Free Will (contact: Michele Di Francesco michele.difrancesco@hsr.it)
June 1-3 Barcelona (Spain) 4th Barcelona Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Reference (contact: logos@pcb.ub.es)
June 1-4 Old San Juan (Puerto Rico) Caribbean Philosophical Association Annual Meeting (contact: ISRST@temple.edu)
June 2-3 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Towards a Philosophy of Systems Biology
June 2-4 Västerås (Sweden) Computing and Philosophy E-CAP2005
June 3-4, Boxmeer (The Netherlands) Norms, Reasoning and Knowledge in Technology
June 3-4 Bristol (UK) Novel Approaches in the Philosophies of the Mathematical and Ntural Sciences (contact: Richard.Pettigrew@bris.ac.uk)
June 3-4 Siena (Italy) La teoria della decisione nella storia dell'economia politica
June 3-5 Genève (Switzerland) The philosophy of Kit Fine (contact: ghguigon@hotmail.com)
June 6-15 Pamplona (Spain) Prof. Peter Hylton's Lectures at the University of Navarra
June 9 Reykjavík (Iceland) The Nature of Spaces Art and Environment (contact: Ottar Martin Nordfjord at omn@hi.is)
June 9-10 Lake of Garda, Verona (Italy)  Formal Ontologies Meet Industry
June 9-11 Trento (Italy) Agency and Causation in the Human Sciences
June 9-11 Valencia (Spain) III Lating Meeting for Analytic Philosophy
June 9-12 Winston Salem, NC, (USA) Society for Philosophy and Psychology
June 10-11 Edinburgh (Scotland) The Interactive Mind (contact: Mike Wheeler m.w.wheeler@stir.ac.uk)
June 10-11 London (UK) Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Social Science
June 11-12 Selfoss (Iceland) International conference on aesthetics and ethics of nature
June 13 London (UK) One-Day Conference in Honour of Nancy Cartwright's Sixtieth Birthday: Reasoning, Models and Causes (contact: c.howson@lse.ac.uk)
June 13-17 Bled (Slovenia) Particularism (contact: Matjaz Potrc matjaz.potrc@guest.arnes.si)
June 14-17 Padova (Italy) Alex Orenstein's Lectures: "Existence and Inference" (contact: Massimiliano Carrara  massimiliano.carrara@unipd.it)
June 15 Pavia (Italy) Quale liberalismo: Concorrenza, eguaglianza e opportunità
June 15 Fribourg (Switzerland) Jaegwon Kim's Lectures at the University of Fribourg (contact: michael.groneberg@unifr.ch)
June 16-17 Rome (Italy) Demonstrative and Non-Demonstrative Reasoning in Mathematics and Natural Science
June 16-17 Paris (France) Histoire des mathématiques et de la physique (contact:  Robert Erra erra@esiea.fr)
June 16-18 Bologna (Italy)Natural Processes and Models of Computation
June 18-20 St Andrews (Scotland) The Unity of Reason (contact: John Skorupski jms2@st-andrews.ac.uk)
June 20 Torino (Italy) Social Ontologies (contact: tiziana.andina@labont.it)
June 20-22 Paris (Frace) Séminaire UCLA-IHPST
June 20-24 Hejnice Monastery (Czech Republic) Logica 2005
June 21-23 Pasadena, CA, (USA) Neurophilosophy: the State of the Art, the Final Meeting of the McDonnell Project in Philosophy and Neurosciences
June 22-24 Milano (Italy) Le lingue dei segni: teoria linguistica e applicazioni delle tecnologie dell'informazione
June 22-24 Melbourne (Australia) Sensorium: Philosophy and Aesthetics
June 22-26 New Orleans, LA (USA) The third annual ISNS Conference (Contact: John Finamore john-finamore@uiowa.edu )
June 24-25 Amherst, Massachusetts (USA) EPISTEME: Second Conference
June 27-28 Leeds (UK) The Concept of Disease (contact: R.V.Cooper@lancaster.ac.uk)
June 27-29 Turku (Finland) Conference on Landscapes of ICT and Social Accountability
June 28 Paris (France) Atelier Logique et Choix Rationnel
June 28-29 Manchester (UK) Ninth Manchester Postgraduate Conference in Political Theory (contact: Gideon Calder Gideon.calder@newport.ac.uk)
June 30- 1 July Edinburgh (Scotland) Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Mind
June 30-1 July Canberra (Australia) Metametaphysics: Do Ontological Questions have determinate Answers? (contact: karend@coombs.anu.edu.au)

2005 JULY
July 1-3 Oxford (UK) Society for Applied Philosophy International Congress 2005
July 2-7 Arad (Romania) The Great Instauration: science, philosophy and the reformation of knowledge in 17th century (contact: dana.jalobeanu@bbc.co.uk)
July 3-6 Salzburg (Austria) 6th International Whitehead Conference
July 3-8 Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia) 7th Biennial Conference: Society for Applied European Thought (contact: Gideon Calder gideon.calder@newport.ac.uk)
July 3-8 Sydney (Australia) The 2005 meeting of the Australasian Association for Philosophy
July 4-6 Strathclyde (UK) Post-Cognitivist Psychology 2005
July 4-9 Birmingham (UK) Human Rights: Theories & Debates
July 5-8 Oxford (UK) Embodiment and Environment (Contact: Beverly Clack bclack@brookes.ac.uk>bclack@brookes.ac.uk)
July 5-8 Paris (France) Fifth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT-05)
July 5-8 Paris (France) The Semantics/Pragmatics Distinction: What Is It, and Does It Really Matter?
July 6-8 London (UK) Progic2005: second workshop on Combining Probability and Logic
July 6-8 Barcelona (Spain) Primer Congreso Ibérico de Percepción (CIP-2005)
July 6-10 Oxford (UK) Philosophy of Management 05 (contact: Proposals05@managementphilosophers.com)
July 7 Pisa (Italy) Secondo Convegno nazionale di ontologia analitica (contact: Massimiliano Carrara massimiliano.carrara@unipd.it)
July 8-10 Manchester (UK) 2005 Joint Session of The Mind Association and The Aristotelian Society
July 10-13 Melbourne (Australia) Toward a History of Women's Political Thought
July 10-15 Riva del Garda (Italy) 9th International Pragmatics Conference
July 11-13 Leeds (UK) 2005 Conference of The British Society for Ethical Theory
July 11-16 Birmingham (UK) Human Rights in Practice
July 15-17 York (UK) 9th National Postgraduate Analytical Philosophy Conference (NPAPC
July 17-19 Enschede (Netherlands) CEPE 2005 Sixth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry
July 17-23 Evian (France) The Question of Normativity Normativity
July 18-22 Utrecht (The Netherlands)7th European Agent System Summer School (EASSS05)
July 18-29 Vienna (Austria) Chance and Necessity
July 20-22 Canberra (Australia)Philosophical Methodology
July 20-22 Delft (The Netherlands) 14th meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Technology
July 24-30 Beijing (China) The 22nd International Congress of History of Science
July 25-26 Utrecht (The Netherlands) Second International Workshop on Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems (ArgMAS 2005)
July 25-29 Campinas (Brazil) Workshop Semantics and Meaning: Philosophical and logical aspects of the work of Kripke

July 30-August 5 Edimburgh (Scotland) IJCAI 2005

August 4-6 Corvallis, OR (USA) NA-CAP 2005 Conference
August 5-11 Budapest (Hungary) Logic in Hungary
August 7-13 Kirchberg/Wechsel (Austria) 28th International Wittgenstein Symposium
August 8-11 Florianópolis (Brazil) The Philosophy of Donald Davidson
August 8-19 Edinburgh, (UK) Seventeenth European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI-2005)
August 9-12 Warsaw (Poland) Intarnational Conference on Pernsons (contact: personalism@wp.pl)
August 11-14 Lund (Sweden) 13th annyual meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology
August 11-14 Hanover, NH (USA) International Society for Utilitarian Studies Conference 2005
August 15-19 Edinburgh (Scotland) Belief revision and dynamic logic
August 23-26 Prague (Czech Republic) Dutch Book Arguments
August 25-27 Turku/Åbo (Finland) Emotions, Others and the Self
August 27-29 Changsha (China) 2005 International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC'05)
August 27-31 Lisboa (Portugal) 5th European Conference in Analytic Philosophy
August 27-31 Lisboa (Portugal) Quantum Information: Epistemological and Logical Lessons A Special 2-day Workshop
August 29-September 1 Groningen (Netherlands) Freedom and Justice (contact: HDCA_info@philos.rug.nl)
August 30-September 1 London (UK) Ethics in a Virtual World
August 31-September 4 Washington, D.C. (USA)  Association for Politics and the Life Sciences

September 1-3 Bolzano (Italy) Projected Perception. At the Edge of Natural and Artificial Reality and Abstraction
September 1-3 Cambridge (UK) Mind & Society 12 (contact: Phil Hutchinson p.hutchinson@mmu.ac.uk)
September 2-4 Oxford (UK) The British Society of Aesthetics Annual Conference
September 2-6 Kazimierz Dolny (Poland) Kazimierz Naturalised Epistemology Workshop
September 4-7 Edimburgh (Scotland) A World for All? The Ethics of Global Civil Society
September 5-7 Barcelona (Spain) Relativizing Utterance Truth
September 6-10 Cesena (Italy) VII Summer School of Philosophy of Physics (contact: Mario Alai mario.alai@uniurb.it)
September 7-8 Manchester (UK) Workshop in Political Theory (contact: j.townshend@mmu.ac.uk)
September 9-11 Stirling (UK) The Tractatus and Its History
September 10-16 Ramatuelle, Côte díAzur, (France) Esprit Science Metaphysique
September 11 Koblenz (Germany) Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
September 11-14 Liverpool (UK) Complexity Science and Society Conference
September 12-15 Linköping (Sweden) ETHICOMP 2005 Looking back to the future (contact: ccsr@dmu.ac.uk)
September 12-15 Oxford (UK) Science and Religion Forum Conference
September 15-16 Pavia (Italy) III Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy
September 15-18 Olomouc (Czech Republic)  2005 IAPS meeting
September 15-16 Budapest (Hungary) Towards a Standard Agent to Agent Argumentation Interchange Format
September 16-18 Oxford (UK) 9th Annual Conference of The British Psychological Society (contact: guy.saunders@uwe.ac.uk)
September 19-27 Paris (France) III international Fall School in Linguistics
September 20 Milano (Italy)Giornata ?di ? Studio ?Italiana ? sul ?Calcolo Evoluzionistico?(GSICE2005)
September 20 Budapest (Hungary)Mind and Matter: Themes from the philosophy of Howard Robinson
September 21-23 Lisboa (Portugal) 4th International Workshop on Computational Models of Scientific Reasoning and Applications
September 21-23 Brussels (Belgium) Truth and Public Space
September 22-23 Brighton (UK) Social and Politicakl Thought (contact: sptconf@btinternet.com)
September 22-23 Roma (Italy) Dialoghi di Etica Università di Roma ìLa Sapienza", Dipartimento di Studi filosofici ed epistemologici, Facoltà di filosofia, Villa Mirafiori Aula II
September 23-24 Northridge, CA, (USA) The California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race
September 23-25 Durham (UK) The British Undergraduate Philosophy Society
September 24-26 Perth (Australia)The Australasian Association for Logic's 2005 Conference
September 26-27 Milano (Italy) 3rd Barcelona-Milano Meeting for Analytic Philosophy (contact: Paolo.Casalegno@unimi.it
September Roma (Italy) Giornata di studi su: Etica, economia e società (Villa Mirafiori Aula II)
September 29-1 October Piano di Sorrento (Italy) XII Congresso Nazionale della Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio (contact: Savina Raynaud: savina.raynaud@unicatt.it)
September 30-October 1 Sherbrooke, Québec (Canada) Knowledge and Testimony
September 30-October 2 Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)  Agency andEmbodiment

October 6-8 Milano (Italy) Diritto, linguaggio, scienza giuridica (contact: politeia@fildir.unimi.it)
October 8 Glasgow (Scotland) Graduate Conference on Perceptual Experience
October 6-8 Stirling (UK) Colloquium on Justice, Security and Rights
October 10-14 Paris (France) Colloque díhistoire et philosophie de la théorie des catégories (contact: Michael Wright mpbw1879@yahoo.co.uk)
October 13-15 Tuebingen (Germany) Mental Causation and Self-knowledge
October 15-16 Wuhan (China) International Perspectives in Applied Ethics (contact: Mark E. Meaney, mmeaney@regis.edu)
October 19-20 Cassino (Italy) Abitudine e altruismo tra etica, biologia e neuroscienze (contact. Barbara de Mori bdemor@tin.it)
October 19-21 Genoa (Italy) Conference on Mental Processes: Inference and Representation
October 20-23 Clearwater Beach, Florida (USA) The Association for Feminist Ethics And Social Theory (FEAST) 2005 Conference
October 21-22 London (UK) Philosophical Analysis and the Criminal Law (contact Antony Duff r.a.duff@stir.ac.uk)
October 22-23 Oxford (UK) Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy
October 24-25 Krakow (Poland) Branching Space-Times
October 25 Genoa (Italy) Quando l'errore costa caro
October 25-26 Prague (Czech Republic) Simposium devoted to the 100st anniversary of Russell's paper On Denoting and 55th anniversary of Strawson's paper On Referring
October 26-29 Providence, RI (USA) 2005 American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (contact: Matthew Kieran m.l.kieran@leeds.ac.uk)
October 27-28 Milano (Italy) Primo Incontro Italiano dei docenti e degli studiosi di Filosofia della Mente (contact: claudia@nous.unige.it)
October 27-29 Neuchâtel-Berne (Switzerland) Emotions et rationalité dans la philosophie morale (contact: anne.meylan@unine.ch)
October 30 Genova (Italy) Filosofia della comunicazione e ontologia del telefonino (Festival della Scienza, Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Minor Consiglio, Piazza Matteotti 9)

November 3-4 Victoria (Austalia) Conference on Free Will and Moral Responsibility (contact: Nick Trakakis Nick.Trakakis@arts.monash.edu.au)
November 3-6 Washington DC (USA) EXPLANATION-AWARE COMPUTING (ExaCt 2005)
November 4-5 Fribourg (Switzerland)Philosophy of Colour
November 4-5 Geneve (Switzerland) 2nd Geneva-Barcelona Meeting (contact: Ghislain Guigon guigong3@etu.unige.ch)
November 4-6 Riga (Latvia) The First International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication (contact: Jurgis.Skilters@lu.lv)
November 4-7 London (UK) 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop Interactive Logic: Games and Social Software
November 5 London (UK) Philosophy, Probability and Physics: First LSE Mini-Conference
November 5-6 Oxford (UK) 9th Annual Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference
November 10-12 Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain) Third International Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric
November 11-12 Birkbeck (UK) Bodies past (contact: n.warner@bbk.ac.uk)
November 14 Pamplona (Spain) II Workshop on Vagueness (contact: Laura Bujalance (aura.bujalance@uam.es)
November 17-19 Braga (Portugal) Person and Society: Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century (contact: João J. Vila-Chã jvila-cha@facfil.ucp.pt)
November 17-19 Certosa di Pontignano, Siena (Italy) Understanding the Dynamics of Knowledge
November 17-19 Grenoble (France) The Mechanisation of Natural Philosophy
November 18-19 St. Andrews (Scotland)The 5th Arché Vagueness Workshop
November 18-20 Valencia (Spain) I Meeting for Postgraduate Students in History of Science
November 19 Paris (France) Philosophy Symposium on Archives of The Lvov-Warsaw School: Preservation and Scientific Exploitation (contact: Peggy Cardonpeggy.cardon@univ-paris1.fr)
November 24-26 Cesena (Italy) Albert Einstein filosofo e metodologo (contact: mrozik_gm@comune.cesena.fc.it)
November 30 Nottingham (UK) multidisciplinary seminar on 'Brain, Mind and Social Interaction' (contact: neuroseminars@nottingham.ac.uk)

December 1-2 Berlin (Germany)Methods for Modalities
December 2-3 Reading (UK) Impartiality and Partiality in Ethics (contact:  Brian Feltham  b.m.feltham@reading.ac.uk)
December 2-3 Venice (Italy) Mente, significato e azione. Sulla filosofia di Donald Davidson (contact: antonell@unive.it)
December 2-4 Bristol (UK) Dispositions and Causation Conference
December 2-4 Blacksburg, VA, (USA) Human Science or Scientific Humanism?
December 3-8 Dunedin (New Zealand) Australasian Association for Philosophy Conference
December 6 Latina (Italy) II° Convegno-dibattito: Un Excursus sulla storia e sulla storiografia dell'evoluzione delle idee scientifiche
December 7-9 Neuchatel (Switzerland) Le Langage Symbolique (contact: jean-yves.beziau@unine.ch)
December 13 Milano (Italy) Immagini della mente: neurosceinze, arte, filosofia
December 13-14 Helsinki (Finland) Workshop on Moral Judgment and Moral Psychology
December 15-17 Padova (Italy) Descriptions and Logical Form/100 years of "On Denoting" (contact: massimiliano.carrara@unipd.it)
December 15-17 Tartu (Estonia) Human nature as the basis of morality and society in early modern philosophy (contact: Ms Kadri Simm kadri@eenet.ee)
December 16 Siena (Italy) Practical Reason and Moral Motivation (contact: Carla Bagnoli)
December 19-21 Barcelona (Spain) LOGOS Workshop with Saul Kripke: Meaning and Use
December 27-30 New York City (USA) The Eastern APA meetings

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January 16-18 Grahamstown (South Africa) Annual Conference of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA)
January 12-13 2006 Valencia (Spain) Italo-spanish meeting in analytic philosophy
February 11 Edinburgh (UK) UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Annual Conference 2006 (contact: Fiona Mackay f.s.mackay@ed.ac.uk)
2006 MARCH
March 27-29 Valencia (Spain) XVI Inter-University Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science
2006 APRIL
April 20-22 Chicago , IL, (USA) Sixth Annual Independent Meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society April 26-29 Chicago, IL,  (USA) Central Division of the American Philosophical Association Conference (contact: asquith@msu.edu)

2006 JUNE
June 1-3 Athens (Greece) International Conference in Philosophy (contact: atiner@atiner.gr)
June 7-9 St Andrews (UK) Arché Modality Conference (contact: Bob Hale b.hale@glasgow.ac.uk)
June 9-11 Berlin (Germany) Historical Perspectives on ìErklärenî and ìVerstehenî (contact: Uljana Feest feest@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de)
June 8-10 2006 Reggio Emilia (Italy) Is There Anything Wrong with Wittgenstein?
June 15-17 2006 Gargnano (Italy)Formal Semantic Conference
June 14-18 Paris (France) Sixth international congress of The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)

2006 JULY
July 3-5 Guangzhou, Canton, (China) Model-based Reasoning in Science and Medicine
July 6-7 Hertfordshire (UK)The Third UK Kant Society Graduate Conference on Kant
July 6-9 Rome (Italy) Metaphysics 2006: Third World Conference (contact: RomeMetaphysics@gmail.com)
July 16-21 Sydney (Australia) 4th International Conference on Memory (ICOM-4)

September 18-19 Riva del Garda (Italy) The crooked oar: The illusions of outer and inner perception. Philosophy nad psychology"(.pdf.file)
September 18-26 Genova (Italy) PhD Lectures on Direct Reference - Genoveva Martí
September 28-30 2006 Milano (Italy) Brains, Persons and Society - Cervelli, persone e società - 7 Convegno Nazionale SIFA - 7 SIFA National Conference -

October 26.27 Genova (Italy) Scienze Cognitive e robotica 2006 NOVEMBER
November 2-5 Vancouver (Canada) Nineteenth Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (contact: J. McKenzie

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2007 JULY

July 1-3 Clifton (UK)  Perception, Action, Consciousness
July 2-3 London (UK) Kant and Philosophy of Science Today
July 2-3 Oxford (UK) Genetics and Justice Conference
July 2-5 Ovronnaz (Switzerland) Metaphysics Workshop
July 2-6 Berlin (Germany) Conference on the history of quantum physics
July 3 Cambridge (UK) Kant Conference
July 4 Neuchatel (Switzerland) International Workshop on Combination of Logics
July 5-6 Bristol (UK) British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference
July 6-7 London (UK) Minds, Bodies, Machines
July 6-9 Bristol (UK) Joint Session of the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society (contact: Anthony Everett  anthony.everett@bristol.ac.uk)
July 8-11 Orlando, FL (USA) Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2007
July 9-10 Barcelona (Spain) Workshop - Scientific Models: Semantics and Ontology (contact: Roman Frigg r.p.frigg@lse.ac.uk)
July 9-11 Bristol (UK) The British Society for Ethical Theory 2007 Conference
July 9-12 Geneva (Switzerland) European Society for Philosophy and Psychology 15th Annual Meeting
July 9-12 Orlando, FL, (USA) 11th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
July 9-28 Sofia (Bulgaria) 14th International Summer Scool in Cognitive Science
July 11-12 Oxford (UK) 2007 UK Kant Society Graduate Conference (contact:  Francine Baker bakerfrancine@hotmail.com)
July 12-14 San Diego, CA (USA) International Computer Ethics Conference
July 12-15 Hatfield (UK) Narrative Alternatives to Theories of Mind
July 12-15 Orlando, FL (USA) Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2007
July 13-15  Norwich (UK) 11th Annual British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Conference (contact: M.Lavery@uea.ac.uk)
July 15-21 Evian (France) Experience and Experiences (contact: Georg W. Bertram evian@uni-hildesheim.de)
July 16-27 Vienna (Austria) Consensus in Science
July 26-28 Chicago, IL (USA) The 2007 North American Computing and Philosophy Conference

July 27-28 Cambridge (UK) The Legacy of H.L.A. Hart: Legal, Political, and Moral Philosophy (contact: Matthew Kramer mhk11@cam.ac.uk)


August 1-6 Cracow (Poland) XXIII World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (contact: Christoffer Wong  Christoffer.Wong@jur.lu.se)
August 4-5 Dublin (Ireland) 12th Conference on Formal Grammar
August 5-9 San Francisco, CA (USA) International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) 2007 Summer Symposium
August 5-9 Beijing (China) Workshop Logic, Rationality and Interaction
August 6-7 Dublin (Ireland) 19th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
August 6-10 Cologne (Germany) Summerschool in Cologne with Hilary Kornblith
August 9-15 Beijing (China) 13th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
August 11 Kirchberg (Austria) Wittgenstein Symposium
August 15-18 Aarhus (Denmark) Human Mind - Human Kind
August 16-22 Xi'an (China) 2nd World Congress and School on Universal Logic
August 19-31 Tartu (Estonia)
Summer School 2007: Formal Methods in Philosophy and Linguistics
August 20-21
Roskilde (Denmark) 4th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing
August 20-22 Dusseldorf (Germany) Concept Types and Frames in Language, Cognition, and Science
Augugust 20 Roskilde (Denmark) Doctorial Consortium at CONTEXT 07
August 20-24 Roskilde (Denmark) The Sixth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context
August 22-23 Canberra (Australia) Reasons, Reasoning and Rationality (contact: Daniel Star Daniel.Star@anu.edu.au)
August 22-26 Leysin (Switzerland) Philosophical Approaches to Ethics - Methods and Foundations (contact: Stefan Heuser societas@theologie.uni-erlangen.de)
August 23-25 Twente (The Netherlands) Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice First Biennial Conferenc
August 27-29 Amsterdam (The Nehterlands) The Value of Knowledg
August 31-September 2 Stirling (UK) Social Epistemology (contact:Duncan Pritchard)

August 31-September 2 Sydney (Australia) Moral Cognition and Meta-Ethics

September 1-5 Kazimierz Dolny (Poland) Kazimierz Naturalised Epistemology Workshop '07
September 3-5 Leeds (UK) Darwinism after Darwin: New historical perspectives (contact:  enquiries@darwinismafterdarwin.com)

September 3-5 Manchester (UK)
Workshops in Political Theory, 4th Annual Conference
September 3-7 Regensburg (Germany) 1st International Workshop onSemantic Web Architectures for Enterprises - SWAE07
September 5-7 Canterbury (UK) Progic07 - The Third Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic
September 5-7 Toulouse (France) 9th Congress of FPSA (contact: Speranta.dumitru@free.fr)

September 5-7 Ragusa (Italy) WIVACE 2007
September 5-7 Lausanne (Switzerland) Mental Causation and Externalism (contact: georg.sparber@unil.ch)
September 6-7 London (UK) The Philosophy and Practice of Global Political Economy
September 6-7 Pavia (Italy) 5th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy (contact: graduate.conference@iuss.unipv.it)
September 6-8 Bergamo (Italy) The Metaphysics of Time
September 6-8 Pisa (Italy) Political Philosophy
September 7-8 Oxford (UK) Workshop on the Relationship between Social and Global Justice (contact: globaljustice@politics.ox.ac.uk)
September 7-9 Barcelona (Spain) Fifth Conference of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosoph
September 7-9 Berne (Switzerland) Workshop with Michael E. Bratman (contact: Christian Budnik  christian.budnik@philo.unibe.ch)
September 7-9 Oxford (UK) 2007 British Society of Aesthetics Conference
September 8 Lausanne (Switzerland) Annual meeting of the Swiss Graduate Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science (SGSLPS)
September 9-13 Porto (Portugal) International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 2007
September 10-12 Padua (Italy) 1st SIFA Graduate Conference (contact: Massimiliano Carrara carrara@unipd.it)September 12-14 Belfast (Northern Ireland) Beyond the Nation?: Critical Reflections on Nations andNationalism in Uncertain Times
September 13-15 Geneva (Switzerland) Eidos Launch Conference
September 14 Leeds (UK) Information in Physics and Biology: Half-day Workshop (contact: c.g.timpson@leeds.ac.uk)
September 14-15 London (UK) Reading Wittgenstein. Conference in honour of Hide Ishiguro
September 18-19 London (UK) The Nature of Transcendental Philosophy (contact: tpn@essex.ac.uk)
September 18-20 Presov (Slovakia) Moralities at the Turn of Centuries and Millenniums (contact: gluchman@unipo.s)

September 19 Nottingham (UK) Between the Human and the Post-Human (contact: john.marks@nottingham.ac.uk

September 20-21 Manchester (UK) Conference: Kant on Practical Justification (contact: UKKS@manchester.ac.uk)

September 20-21 Nottingham (UK) Global Justice and Politics of Recognition (contact: Raffaela Giovagnoli  raffa.giovagnoli@tiscali.it)
September 20-21 Rome (Italy) Workshop on Causality (contact: Valeria Giardino valeria.giardino@gmail.com)
September 20-22 Genoa (Italy) IV Latin Meeting in Philosophy

September 20-22 Berne (Switzerland) Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Love (contact: Nora Kreft nora.kreft@philo.unibe.ch)
September 21-22 Zurich (Switzerland) Conference on Normative Concepts (contact: ray@philos.uzh.ch)
September 22-23 Johannesburg (South Africa) In Memory of P.F. Strawson (contact: Lucy.Allais@wits.ac.za)
September 22-23 Durham (UK) Origins of Form: in Life, Mind, and Art (contact:  p.j.meadows@dur.ac.uk)
September 24 Padoa (Italy) Parole chiave in filosofia della psicologia: mente, coscienza, percezione ed intenzione (contact: analitica_padova@yahoo.it)
September 24-25 Johannesburg (South Africa) Ethics Society of South Africa Conference (contact: Deane Baker  BakerDP@ukzn.ac.za)
September 24-26 Siena (Italy)  XIV Congresso Nazionale: Il logos nella polis. La diversità delle lingue e delle culture, le nostre identità (contact: savina.raynaud@unicatt.it)
Septembet 24-26 Durham (UK) Aesthetic Psychology Conference (contact: Elisabeth.schellekens@durham.ac.uk)
September 24-26 Mantova (Italy) ETHICOMP 2008
September 27-29 Bolzano (Italy) Workshop on Levels of Reality (contact: roberto.poli@soc.unitn.it)
September 28-29 Geneva (Switzerland) Prospects for Epistemology in Europe (contact: julien.dutant@lettres.unige.ch)
September 28-29 Tours (France) Justice (contact: priscilla.morin@wanadoo.fr)
September 28-30 Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2007 University of Calgary Philosophy Graduate Conference (contact: Alex Sager aesager@ucalgary.ca)

September 30 Baltimore, MD, (USA)
2007 Charles S. Peirce Society Essay Contest


October 1-3 Tartu (Estonia)
workshop on Truth
October 2-4 Torino (Italy) Il Futuro dell'Estetica
October 3 Paris (France)
Plurality, Unity, and Structure in Semantics (contact: plurality@univ-paris1.fr
October 3-5 Copenhagen (Denmark) 1st Synthese Annual Conference (contact: Vincent F. Hendricks  vincent@ruc.dk)
October 4-5 Delft (The Netherlands) The Ethics of Neuroimaging
October 4-6  Fribourg (Switzerland) Imagination, Expression, and Depiction
October 5-6 Turku (Finland) Workshop on Concepts, Essentialism, and Externalism
October 8-10 Milano (Italy) SILFS 2007 Conference
October 10 Tilburg (The Netherlands) Workshop on Idealizations in Science
October 10-11 Santiago (Chile) Colloquium of the Chilean Society for Analytic Philosophy (contact: francisco@correo.org.uk)
October 11-13 Tilburg (The Netherlands) Models and Simulations 2
October 11-13 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) History and Philosophy of Science Conference
October 13 Buffalo, NY (USA) Epistemology & Ontology of Logic Graduate Students Conference (contact: Andrew Spear adspear@buffalo.edu)

October 13 St. Andrews (UK) Workshop on Epicureanism and the Scottish Enlightenment (contact: James Harris jah15@st-and.ac.uk)
October 16 Rome (Italy) V Italian-American Philosophy Meeting (contact: dottori@uniroma2.it)
October 16-18 Siena (Italy) Etica normativa

October 18-19 Paris (France) Plurality, Unity and Structure in Ontology and Semantics
October 18-21 Montréal, Quebec, (Canada) Collingwood and Twentieth Century Philosophy
October 19-20 Neuchâtel (Switzerland) Définitions: rôles et fonctions en logique et en mathématiques (contact: Alessandro Facchini (alessandro.facchini@unil.ch)
October 19-20 Yale, CT (USA) William James and His Influence (contact: Skorburg@gmail.com)

October 19-21 Geneva (Switzerland)
The Metaphysics of Vectors
October 20
Montréal, Quebec (Canada) Workshop on Neutrality (contact: Roberto Merrill nrbmerrill@gmail.com)
October 21-23 Orlando, FL (USA) Conference on Cognition: Embodied, Embedded, Enactive, ExtendedOctober 23-24 Witten (Germany) 1st Witten Lectures in Economics and Philosophy by Professor Kenneth Arrow (Witten/Herdecke University, Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 50, 58448 Witten, Germany)
October 25-26 Paris (France) Semantics Beyond Set Theory
October 25-27 Venezia (Italy) Causality in the Special Sciences (Palazzo Badoer, Room E, San Polo 2468)
October 26 L’Aquila (Italy) Themes from Causality (contact: simone.gozzano@fastwebnet.it)
October 26-27 Oxford (UK) Towards a Basic Income Society
October 26-28 Saskatchewan (Canada) One Hundred Years of Pragmatism
October 27-28 Notre Dame, IN (USA) Midwest Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop (contact: mdetlef1@nd.edu)
October 29-31 Delft (The Netherlands) 2007 Workshop on Philosophy & Engineering
October 30-November 2 Porto Alegre (Brazil) 4th National Colloquium in Philosophy of Language (contact: ivcnfl@gmail.com)


November 2-4 St. Andrews (Scotland) Arche'/CSMN Philosophy Graduate Conference (contact: archephimail@st-andrews.ac.uk)
November 2-4 Bangkok (Thailand) The Third Asia-Pacific Computing and Philosophy Conference
November 3 Berlin (Germany) Life and Societies: Towards a New Ecology of the Living (Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science Boltzmannstr. 22 14195 Berlin Room 120/121 (Conference Hall 1/2)
November 3-4 Oxford (UK) The First Workshop on the Philosophy of Information and Logic

November 6 Rome (Italy) Putnam conference in Rome (Università Roma Tre, Aula Magna del Rettorato, via Ostiense 159 Roma, Italy)

November 6-9 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) 20th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association
November 9-10 Belfast (Northern Ireland) Metaphysocs and Mind Workshop (contact: c.macdonald@qub.ac.uk)
November 9-10 Exeter (UK) Beyond the Borders, Among the Sciences (contact: M.Gallotti@exeter.ac.uk)
November 9-10 Storrs, CN (USA) Yale-UConn Graduate Student Philosophy Conference
November 9-11 Paris (France) Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity
November 9-11 Melbourne (Australia) 2007 Australasian Association for Logic Conference (contact: restall@unimelb.edu.au)
November 10-11 Oxford (UK) 11th Annual Oxford University Graduate Philosophy Conference (gradconf@philosophy.ox.ac.uk)

November 14-17 Madrid (Spain) Founding Conference European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA07)
November 15-17 Madrid (Spain) 1st Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association
November 16 Glasgow (UK) Perception and Introspection Workshop
November 19-23 Hamburg (Germany) Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker-Lectures
November 20 Geneva (Switzerland) Philosophical Knowledge Conference
November 21 Potenza (Italy) Mente, linguaggio, coscienza. Temi e prospettive tra filosofia e neuroscienze (Aula Magna via Nazario Sauro 85, Potenza)
November 22-23 Nottingham (UK) SWIP conference on Justice and Gender (contact: komarine.romdenh-romluc@nottingham.ac.uk)
November 28-29 Rome (Italy) 4° Convegno Nazionale di Scienze Cognitive
November 28-30 Donostia (Spain) Logic and Philosophy of Knowledge, Communication and Action

November 29-30 Chacan (France) Methods for Modalities
November 30-december 1 Reading (UK) Impartiality and Partiality in Ethics: Values and Reasons (contact: b.m.feltham@reading.ac.uk)

November 30-December 1
Canterbury (UK) Conference on Kendall Walton and the Aesthetics of Photography and Film

2007 DECEMBER December 1-2 Manhattan, KS (USA) Conference in Aesthetics: The Art of Performance
December 2-6 Aukland (New Zeland) AAP(NZ Division) Annual Conference 2007 (contact: Denis Robinson dj.robinson@auckland.ac.nz)

Decembre 07 (London UK)  Evaluation and Preference in Emotion
December 6-7 Rome (Italy)
La coscienza nelle scienze cognitive
December 13-14 Genoa (Italy) Equal Respect for Persons: Its Foundations and its Implications for Political and Legal Institutions (contact: studioviale@studiovialevondergoltz.it)
December 14-15 (Fribourg (Switzerland) Intentionality
December 17-18 Riga (Latvia) Figure of Speech: Conference on Metaphor (contact: lapointe@ksu.edu)

December 17-19 Pune (India) The *3rd Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence