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We had a  Newsletter since 2007. Now we have different ways to keep updated: (1) a mailing list ESAP-NEWS (2) a web system of info (3) a web page with a list of events


  • the mailing list ESAP NEWS, created by Desiderio Murcho and moderated now by Nikoletta Nemesi  (nnemesi@gmail.com  or esap-news-owner@yahoogroups.com)
    you can receive and send news to everybody in the list. For information:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/esap-news/
    – To subscribe: esap-news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
    To post a message: esap-news@yahoogroups.com
  • the web system of the SWISS PORTAL OF PHILOSOPHY - where you may ask for receiving news directly on your e-mail - at http://www.philosophie.ch/esap. The system is managed by Jiri Benovski. At this address you may find also the list of the Esap National Correspondents, who are supposed to give news recollecting information from the different national Societies or groups.

To check the OLD NEWSLETTERS from 1996-7 to 2006-7 see below.

Correspondents of ESAP Newsletter:

Austria: Winfried Loeffler E-mail: Winfried.Loeffler@uibk.ac.at
Czech Republic: Vladimir Svoboda E-mail: svoboda@site.cas.cz
Denmark: Vincent Fella Hendricks E-mail: vincent@ruc.dk
France: Max Kistler E-mail: kistler@free.fr
Germany: Ulla Wessels E-mail: wessels@uni-leipzig.de
Great-Britain: Shahrar Ali E-mail: uctymsa@ucl.ac.uk
Greece Stelios Virvidakis E-mail: svirvid@atlas.uoa.gr
Italy: Massimiliano Carrara E-mail: massimiliano.carrara@unipd.it
Netherlands: Filip Buekens E-mail: F.A.I.Buekens@uvt.nl
Portugal: Desiderio Murcho, E mail: desiderio.murcho@kcl.ac.uk
Romania: Lucian Zagan, E mail lucian.zagan@gmail.com
Slovaquia Cmorej Pavel E-mail: fin@savbqs.sk
Slovenia Bozidar Kante E-mail: bozidar.kante@guest.arnes.si
Spain: Laura Pérez (lauranataliaperez@gmail.com)
Sweden: Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen E-mail: Toni.Ronnow-Rasmussen@fil.lu.se
Switzerland: Kevin Mulligan E-mail: kevin.mulligan@unige.ch
Turkey: Ufuk Cakmak E-mail: ucakmak@hamlin.cc.boun.edu.tr
Ukraine: Valentin Omelyantchik E-mail: vo@cpi.freenet.kiev.ua (or: vo@ukma.kiev.ua)



List of Newsletters (*)

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Newsletter 5 Newsletter 6 Newsletter 7 Newsletter 8
Newsletter 9 Newsletter 10 Newsletter 11 Newsletter 12
Newsletter 13 [3-2000] Newsletter 14 [7-2000] Newsletter 15 [11-2000] Newsletter 16 [3-2001
Newsletter 17 [6-2001] Newsletter 18 [11-2001] Newsletter 19 [03-2002] Newsletter 20 [6-2002]
Newsletter 21 [11-2002] Newsletter 22 [03-2003] Newsletter 23 [06-2003] Newsletter 24 [11-2003]
Newsletter 25 [3-2004] Newsletter 26 [6-2004] Newsletter 27 [11-2004] Newsletter 28 [2-2005]
Newsletter 29 [6-2005] Newsletter 30 [12-2005] Newsletter 31 [2-2006] Newsletter 32 [9-2006]
Newsletter 33 [2-2007] Newsletter 34 [6-2007]

(*) The Newsletters 1-9 are in html format.They are in another server and we cannot guarantee their availability.

    From 12 onwards newsletters are in .pdf format (http://get.adobe.com/reader/)






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