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Fourth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy

Lund: June 14-18, 2002

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for registration use the form that's available here

Registration Desk in Lund: Universitetsplatsen, University Main Building (June 14, from 10 a.m.)
From June 15 registration will take place in Palestra

ECAP 4 will take place at the University Square ("Universitetsplatsen") in Lund. The University Square is located in the centre of Lund and within walking distance from the railway station and all the hotels in the town centre. With your back turned at the railway station you walk straight on until to you reach a park, Lundagård. In the park you will find a large white house with a fountain in the front of it. This is the Main University Building at the University Square. At the railway station and other places in the town centre, there are signs that direct to you to the University Square. The signs are marked "Universitetet".

ECAP-congresses are organized every three years by the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, ESAP. The Society organizes these congresses in order to further contacts and collaboration amongst European analytic philosophers.

      • Manuel Garcia Carpintero (University of Barcelona)
      • Susan Haack (University of Miami)
      • Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)

 History of Philosophy  Jaakko Hintikka 
 Logic and Philosophy of Language  Pascal Engel
 Epistemology and Philosophy of Science  Nancy Cartwright
 Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind  Martine Nida-Rümelin
 Practical Philosophy  Philippe Mongin 

Invited speakers:

  • Nancy Cartwright, London School of Economics
  • Sten Ebbesen, University of Copenhagen
  • Pascal Engel, University of Paris IV- Sorbonne
  • Philippa Foot, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Oxford
  • Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University
  • Diego Marconi, University of Eastern Piedmont at Vercelli
  • Philippe Mongin,Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique & École Polytechnique, Paris
  • Martine Nida-Rümelin, University of Fribourg
  • Peter Simons, University of Leeds
  • Wolfgang Spohn, University of Konstanz
  • Jan Wolenski, Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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Congress participants are welcome to attend three special workshops that are being planned in connection with the congress:

  1. Workshop on the Philosophy of Law - June 15
    Organizer: Alexander Peczenik
    • Robert Alexy
    • Martin Golding
    • Alexander Peczenik
    • Giovanni Sartor
    • Torben Spaak
  2. Workshop on Truth - June 16
    Workshop theme: Deflationism about Truth: Its Strength and Weaknesses

    Organizers: Sten Lindström and Krister Segerberg
    • Hartry Field
    • Volker Halbach
    • Paul Horwich
    • Sten Lindström
    • Dag Prawitz
    • Scott Soames
  3. Workshop on Economics and Philosophy - June 17 [website of the workshop]
    Workshop theme: Equality

    Organizers: John Broome and Marc Fleurbaey
    • Campbell Brown
    • Dennis McKerlie
    • Larry Temkin
    • Bertil Tungodden
    • Karsten Klint Jensen

Program Commitee (ESAP Steering Committee)

  •       Joao Branquinho (Portugal) E-mail:
  •       Josep Corbi (Spain) E-mail:
  •       Georg Meggle (Germany) E-mail:
  •       Nenad Miscevic (Slovenia) E-mail:
  •       Kevin Mulligan (Switzerland) E-mail:
  •       Elisabeth Pacherie (France) E-mail:
  •       Carlo Penco (Italy) E-mail:
  •       Wlodek Rabinowicz (Sweden) E-mail: 
  •       Howard Robinson (England) E-mail:
  •       Stelios Virvidakis (Greece) E-mail:
Organizing Committee
  •       Wlodek Rabinowicz (Sweden) E-mail:
  •       Jonas Josefsson (Sweden) E-Mail:
  •       Johannes Persson (Sweden) E-Mail:
  •       Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen (Sweden)E-Mail:
  •       Caj Strandberg (Sweden)E-Mail:



    Participants of the congress have to arrange for their own accommodation (with exception for plenary speakers, invited speakers and chairpersons), and will thus have to contact hotels or youth hostels themselves. Preliminary reservations for ECAP 4 participants have been made at a selection of hotels in Lund and Malmö . At most hotels listed below ECAP 4 participants get special rates. Note that most preliminary reservations will expire by April 15, 2002.

    Accommodation can be hard to find at a short notice, and we therefore recommend that reservations are made early. Some hotels have codes for the preliminary booking made for ECAP 4 participants. The codes should be used in contact with these hotels. For all other hotels you should mention that you are attending ECAP 4. We give here a list of recommended hotels; price indications are approximative and may change.


    Participants of the Congress are invited to the Congress Dinner that is planned for June 16th.
    Reservations are made in the registration form.


    Lund is situated in the south of Sweden and within easy reach from the rest of Europe. The airport closest to Lund is Malmö airport (Sturup). The bus journey from Sturup airport to Lund takes 40 minutes. Lund is easily accessible from Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) and Copenhagen central station by train, thanks to the newbuilt Oresund bridge in the sound between Denmark and Sweden. The journey from Copenhagen airport to Lund takes take 40 minutes, and the journey from Copenhagen central station to Lund 52 minutes. It is possible to go by car from Copenhagen to Lund (via the Oresund brige). Ferries leave from Sassnitz, Rostock and Travemunde (Germany) to Trelleborg, and from Puttgarden to Rodby (Denmark). Ferries also depart from Gdansk (Poland) to Ystad. All these ferries take cars.

    These are simplest ways to come to the South of Sweden and Lund from the continent:
    • By air:
      To Malmö airport (Sturup) and then by bus to Lund
      To Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) and then by train to Lund
    • By train:
      Via the Oresund bridge to Malmö /Lund
    • plan your trip by train

    • By car:
      Via the Oresund bridge to Malmö /Lund
      By ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg
      By ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg
      By ferry from Travemunde to Trelleborg
      By ferry from Gdansk to Ystad
      By ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby and then by car to Lund via the Oresund bridge
      By ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby and then by car to Lund by ferry from Helsingor to Helsingborg.

    Links about communications in Southern Sweden:


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