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Last update: 24/08/2007


Supported by European Society for Analytic Philosophy ESAP

Organized by Department of Philosophy EPISTEMOLOGIA


Carola Barbero (Univ. Torino, Italy)

Enrico Biale (Univ. Genoa, Italy)

Ophelia Deroy (Univ. Paris XII, France)
Julien Dutant (Univ. Genève, Suisse)
Luís Duarte d'Almeida (Univ. of Lisboa, Portugal)
Anne Meylan (Univ. Neuchâtel, Suisse)
Luca Morena (Univ. Bologna & Torino, Italy)
Sonia Roca (Univ. Stirling-UK & Barcelona, Spain)

Sergi Rosell (Univ. Valencia, Spain)
Marco Ruffino (Univ Fed. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

Hernán Bouvier (Univ.Nac.Cordoba, Argentina)
Clotilde Calabi (Univ. Milano, Italy)
Josep Corbi (Univ.Valencia, Spain)
Filipe Drapeau (Univ. Rennes, France)
Vasso Kindi (Univ. Athens, Greece)
Diego Marconi (Univ. Torino, Italy)
Roberto Mordacci (Univ. S.Raffaele, Italy)
Genoveva Martì (Univ. Barcelona, Spain)
Joelle Proust (Univ. Paris, France)
Marina Sbisà (Univ. Trieste, Italy)
Mauricio Suarez (Univ. Madrid, Spain)
other participants
Margherita Benzi (Univ.Eastern Piedmont, Italy)
Marcello Frixione (Univ. Salerno, Italy)

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Venues of the Conference

The conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Genoa in

Aula Magna, via Balbi 2  [see map] **** See Also Map of city center with bars

Participation to the conference is free; however, people wanting to participare are kindly requested to send a mail to the organizators: maxi@nous.unige.it


   Paolo Leonardi introduced the formula of bi-lateral meetings for Analytic Philosopers (Italo-Spanish, Italo-French...): not many people, all invited by a scientific committee (no call for papers), sometimes a discussant or two, sometimes no discussants at all, but always much time for discussion, obviously open to other participants (from any country) who would like to attend. A simple formula which has been successful.

   For some time the possibility has been discussed in ESAP circles of extending the formula to a small group of countries, let us say "south west European countries": Portugal, Spain, France, part of Switzerland, Italy. These are "Latin" countries and we thought it would be a good idea to invite also some philosophers from South America. The Latin connection is important. There is a strong series of affinities, intellectual, affective and geographic, between Southern European countries. The main argument in favour of this link is not due to these contingencies, but to the fact that France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, even Greece encounter similar institutional problems, which countries like Sweden have not encountered because their university system is more Anglo-Saxon by training and structure. We believe we should reinforce the southern line. If it becomes strong, it will equilibrate the traditional cultural connexions between the English speaking countries (US-Ireland-UK) and the Northern countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland mainly).


The first Latin Meeting took place in Lisboa (July 2001), the second in Aix-Provence (November 2003), the third in Valencia (July 2005) and now we are happy to announce the Fourth Latin Meeting organized under the auspices of ESAP. It will take place in Genoa on 20-22  September 2007, organized by the Epistemological Section of the Department of Philosophy. The members of the scientific committee are João Branquinho (Lisboa), Genoveva Martì (Barcelona),  Carlo Penco (Genova)-of the organizating Committee Cristina Amoretti, Valeria Ottonelli, Massimiliano Vignolo-




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   CITY INFORMATION and ACCOMMODATION: Genoa-info  or Cultura in Liguria

Genoa is a long snake between the mountains and the sea. On the left: sheeps behind one of the fortifications on the mountains behind the town; center: the lighthouse in the middle of the port; right: students at the Faculty of Art.




   Scientific Committee:

Joao Branquinho (University of Lisbon)
Genoveva Marti (University of Barcelona)
Carlo Penco (University of Genova)

   Organizing Committee:

Cristina Amoretti (University of Genoa)
Valeria Ottonelli (University of Genoa)
Carlo Penco(University of Genoa)
Massimiliano Vignolo (University of Genoa)

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Manuel Garcés (University of Valencia)

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