dal 09 Gennaio 2017 al 11 Gennaio 2017. , Torino: 12-14, aula Guzzo via Po 18
Categoria: Archivio DIF, Epistemologia, FINO

Indexicals in Husserl, Bühler and contemporary analytic philosophy

The topic is one of the most challenging philosophical problems much discussed in the last decade, the role of indexicals in our relation with understanding and meaning. Indexicals are expressions like “I”, “here”, “now”, whose referent depends on the context of utterance. Some scholars find in them a clear example of “analytic” sentences (“I am here now” is true because of the meaning of the expressions, independently of the context of utterance).
Well, strictly speaking, the seminar, being explicitly organized for “epistemological” FINO students of the 2nd year,  is not obligatory for other students; but the topic is methodologically so relevant that philosophers of different interests should be aware of; besides a seminar  by Kevin Mullingan, with his proverbial clarity,  is an occasion of improvement for all.