PATRONE Fabio Dottore di Ricerca
Sede: Via Bensa 1, Ufficio Penco/Vignolo
Email: fabio[dot]patrone[at]unige[dot]com

Skype: fabiopatrone


Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Genoa, 2015
advisor: Carlo Penco, Achille Varzi
examiners: Thomas Sattig, Andrea Bottani

Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, NY, 2013-2014
sponsor: Achille Varzi

Laurea Magistrale (M.A.) in Philosophical Methodology, University of Genoa, 2011
dissertation title: Cos’è che conta? Derek Parfit e la “identity-doesn’t-matter view” (What does it matter? Derek Parfit and the “Identity-doesn’t-matter View”);
advisors: Carlo Penco, Andrea Bottani, Nicla Vassallo;
honors: Summa cum laude, right of publication.

Laurea (B.A.) in Philosophy, University of Genoa, 2011
dissertation title: Cogito, ergo sum(us);
advisors: Nicla Vassallo, Carlo Penco, Cristina Amoretti;
honors: Summa cum laude, right of publication.



AOS: Metaphysics, Mereology

AOC: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind



Member of Center for Philosophy of Time, University of Milan

Member of SIFA – Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy

Member of AISB – Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour


Selected Talks


“Against Naturalistic Perdurantism”, in GAP 9 (German Analytic Philosophy Society), Osnabruck [September 2015].

“8234 Raduno della Confederazione dei Crononauti: I viaggi nel tempo tra paradosso e realtà” with A.C. Varzi, M. Dorato, G. Torrengo, Festival della Scienza, Genoa [October 2014].

“Some worms are more equal than others”, in XXI SIFA (Italian Society for Analytic Philsophy) Conference, L’Aquila [September 2014] (accepted).

“Deworming Exdurantism” with D. Costa, in ECAP 8 – Congress of the European Society for Analytyc Philosophy, Bucharest [August 2014] (accepted).

“Persistence without Identity”, in 7th Conference of the Spanish Society for the Analytic Philosophy, Madrid [September], (accepted).

“Puzzles of (Personal) Identity”, in 12th International Conference on Persons, Lund [August], (accepted).

“Persistence without Identity”, in Swedish Congress of Philosophy 2013, Stockholm [June].

“Persistence without Identity”, in Identity Workshop, Philosophisces Seminar UZH, Universität Zürich, [June].

“Rationality and Complex Patterns of Behaviour” (with Samuele Iaquinto), in The 3rd AISB Workshop: “The Emergency of Consciousness”, St. Mary University College, Twickenham, London [May].

“Identità, lombrichi, fasi e identità personale” (Identity, worms, stages and personal identity), in The Answer of Philosophy: SIFA 20th Anniversary conference, Alghero [September].

“Davidson’s missile-dog” (with Samuele Iaquinto), in Emotional Lives of Animals congress, Genoa [May].

“Personal identity without thought experiments” in Epilog graduate seminar on Thought Experiments, University of Genoa [April].

“Diagnostics for Shared Content: from ‘Say’ to ‘Agree’” (with Samuele Iaquinto), in Epilog graduate seminar on Relativism and Monadic Truth (H. Cappelen, J. Hawthorne), University of Genoa [December].

“Dimensioni di rappresentazione e dipendenza contestuale.” (with Silvia Ivani, Maria Scarpati and Cristina Schembri), in Eliza 2011: mente linguaggio e intelligenza artificiale undergraduate congress, University of Genoa [June].


Teaching Seminars

A.Y. 2015/2016

Metodology of Human Sciences (#) [6h]: to be defined.

Philosophy of Language: Teaching Assistant.

Philosophy of Science [6h]: to be defined.

A.Y. 2014/2015

Undergraduate Preparatory Seminar [8h].

Philosophy of Science [6h]: “Thought Experiments Between Philosophy and Science”.

Metodology of Human Sciences (#) [4h]: “Metaphysical Realism”; “The Nature of Disagreement”.

A.A. 2012/2013

Philosophy of Science [6h]: “Rational Animals”; “Outlines of Donald Davidson’s Philosophy”; “About Conceptual Schemes”

Formal Ontology (Graduate) [6h]: “Four-dimensionalism”; “Identity and Personal Identity”

Methodology of Human Sciences (Graduate) [2h]: “Realism and Metaphysical Realism”

Philosophy of Science (Graduate) [2h]: “What is a Conceptual Scheme?”

A.A. 2011/2012

Ontology (Graduate) [6h]: “Personal Identity”; “Four-dimensionalism”

Theoretic Philosophy [4h]: “Perspective of Contemporary Ontology”

Methodology of Human Sciences (Graduate) [2h]: “Thought Experiments”



“RazionalitĂ  e comportamento responsabile” (with S. Iaquinto),
in (eds.) Andreozzi M., Castiglione S., Massaro A., EmotivitĂ  animali: ricerche e discipline a confronto, LED, Milano, forthcoming [2013].



“Parfitians as Stage Viewers”, under revision.

“Against Naturalistic Perdurantism”, under revision.

“Pixelism”, work in progeress.

“Davidson’s Missile Dog” (with Samuele Iaquinto), work in progress.