III Aretai Conference October 18th – 20th 2018 European University Rome.

Virtue Ethics and Psychology. Towards a New Science of Virtues? 


A. Campodonico, M. Croce, M.S. Vaccarezza, Etica delle virt√Ļ. Una introduzione, Carocci 2017.

Etica delle virtuŐÄ

Attività in Istituzioni affiliate:

Planned activities in affiliated institutions


Conference: Virtues in the public sphere January 4-6th 2018 Oxford 


epsse19: 6th EPSSE annual conference https://www.epsse.org

Auditorium Le Benedettine, Piazza San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno, 16
Pisa, Italy, June 10-12, 2019

Conference: Virtue and Moral Education. May 17th -18th 2018 Dansk


Congress EPSSE (European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions)


Second Annual Conference: Exemplars and Exemplarism (October 5th-6th 2017)

Moral exemplarity, but also epistemic and aesthetic exemplarity, are cornerstones of philosophical reflection. Admiring and imitating the sage, or the saint, has for long been considered the standard path to wisdom and morality, and ‚Äď in religious contexts – to salvation. Figures like Socrates and Jesus Christ, among many others, have been taken as sources of inspiration, as well as terms for comparison of one‚Äôs own conduct.
After a quite long neglect, the philosophical community has recently seen a resurgence of interest in such topic, highlighting both its theoretical and educational relevance. Such rehabilitation of exemplarity is mainly due to the work of Zagzebski, whose Exemplarist Moral Theory is now a landmark.
The aim of the conference is to gather scholars working on exemplarity, discussing both the Exemplarist theory and the topic of exemplars broadly conceived, exploring their strengths, but also their weaknesses, as well as addressing potential and actual criticisms.¬†¬†¬†‚Äč
Invited Speakers:
Elisabetta Cattanei¬†‚Äč(University of Cagliari)
Piergiorgio Donatelli (Sapienza University, Rome)
Ian J. Kidd (University of Nottingham)
Linda T. Zagzebski (University of Oklahoma)
More information here.
 International Congress Infidelitas fra passato e presente Genoa 18-20 September.
See here [in]fidelitas flyer

Summer Scool: The virtues (Italian)

This 3-days Summer School ‚Äď the first in Italy entirely devoted to the topic of the virtues ‚Äď aims to¬†provide an opportunity for highly motivated graduate (or even advanced undergraduate) and doctoral¬†students, as well as early stage researches, to learn, discuss and exchange ideas about currently debated¬†virtue-ethical issues in close contact with expert scholars.
There will be two kinds of sessions, lectures and group sessions, which will alternate on each of the three days.

When: June 1st-3rd, 2017.
Venue: Capodifaro University College. More info at http://www.capodifaro.it/it/
Speakers: Angelo Campodonico (Genoa), Elvio Ancona (Udine), Mario De Caro (Rome 3 ‚Äď Tufts),
Gabriele De Anna (Udine ‚Äď Bamberg), Simona Langella (Genoa), Matteo Negro (Catania), Giacomo Samek Lodovici (Catholic¬†University, Milan), Luca Tuninetti (Urbaniana, Rome), Markus Krienke (Lugano).

More information here.


Reading Group: Exemplars and Exemplarism (Italian)

‚ÄčFor the second year, Aretai‚Äôs reading group will represent a moment of common reading and discussion. In preparation of the Annual Conference (see below), this year‚Äôs selection includes key texts on exemplars and Exemplarism.

When: every other Tuesday, from March 14th to May 9th, 2.15 PM.
Venue: DAFIST Seminar Room, via Balbi 30, 7th floor.

  • March 14th. Exemplarism as a Moral Theory. Discussion of L.T. Zagzebski,¬†Exemplarist Virtue Theory
  • March 28th. Admiration for Exemplars/1. Discussion of L.T. Zagzebski,¬†Admiration and the Admirable.¬†
  • April 11th. Admiration for Exemplars/2. Discussion of T.H. Irwin,¬†Nil Admirari?¬†Uses And Abuses Of Admiration
  • May 2nd. Criticisms to the role of exemplars. Discussion of S. Wolf,¬†Moral Saints
  • May 9th. Exemplarity and supererogation. Discussion of J. Urmson,¬†Saints and Heroes

Seminar series: Exemplars and Exemplarism (Italian)

‚ÄčThis seminar series, such as the reading group, will focus on moral exemplarity. However, instead of being based on philosophical reflections only, it will benefit from speakers from a plurality of approaches (history of philosophy, literature, and film studies).

When: every other Tuesday, from February 28th to April 20th, 3.00 PM.
Venue: Aula Magna of the Humanities School, via Balbi 2, 2nd floor.

  • February 28th.¬†Carmelo Vigna¬†(Ca‚Äô Foscari University, Venice).¬†Ethical exemplarity as testimony.
  • March 6th.¬†Elisabetta Cattanei¬†(Cagliari University).¬†Phronimos vs. Akrates. Exemplarism and Counter-Exemplarism in Aristotle
  • March 23rd.¬†Letterio Mauro¬†(Genoa University).¬†Francis, a ‚Äúresponsible‚ÄĚ saint.
  • April 6th.¬†Lino Pertile¬†(Harvard University).¬†Dante, Ulysses and intelligence
  • April 20th.¬†Luca Malavasi¬†(Genoa University).¬†Exemplarity from classical cinema to the new media


[Partner’s event] Conference on Character, Wisdom and Virtue Oxford January¬† 5th-7th¬† 2017 ¬†¬† http://jubileecentre.ac.uk/1674/conferences/character-wisdom-and-virtue

Promoted by the Jubilee Center on Character and Virtues, Birmingham (UK)


November 18th 2016, 3pm

Carla Bagnoli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Oslo, Specchio, specchio: Murdoch e Blackburn sull’autorit√† degli affetti, Aula 6 Via Balbi 2. Genova


1st Annual Conference (University of Genoa).  Connecting Virtues. Theoretical and Educational Insights

28-30 September 2016

Confirmed Speakers: R. Pouivet (Universitè de la Lorraine), Kristján Kristjánsson (University of Birmingham),  Duncan Pritchard (University of Edimburgh), Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open University), Kevin Flannery (Pontifical Gregorian University).

Location: Aula Magna della Facoltà di Scienze Umanistiche. University of Genoa.

For further information, please contact: connectingvirtues@gmail.com

or visit the website at: http://connectingvirtuesconference.weebly.com/




Graduate Course of Contemporary Practical Philosophy (II semester, 2015-2016) on the topic of ‚ÄúThemes and Problems of Virtue Ethics‚ÄĚ (schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 14-16). Instructor: Prof. Angelo Campodonico.


Reading group: issues in contemporary virtue ethics

The aim of the reading group is to read and discuss some recent key works concerning the debate over the virtues, on a weekly basis. All the meetings will take place in Prof. Campodonico’s office (via Balbi 4, 2nd floor) at 4 PM. The texts will be provided by the organizers. The reading list includes:

  • March¬†3rd, 2016:¬†T. Chappell, Virtue Ethics in the twentieth century
  • March 10th, 2016:¬†S.-G. Chappell, Lists of the Virtues
  • March 17th, 2016:¬†T. Irwin, Do Virtues Conflict? Aquinas‚Äô Answer
  • March 31st, 2016:¬†D. Pritchard, Intellectual Virtue, Extended Cognition, and the Epistemology of Education
  • April 7th, 2016:¬†J. Baehr, Character Virtues, Epistemic Agency, and Reflective Knowledge
  • April 14th, 2016:¬†K. Kristj√°nsson, There is something about Aristotle. The Pros and Cons of Aristotelianism in Contemporary Moral Education
  • April 21st, 2016:¬†D. Russell, From Personality to Character to Virtue


Seminar Series

The seminar series consists of three lectures given by invited speakers, focusing each on a specific virtue, plus a short course on the virtues in Adam Smith. The first three meetings will take place in the Aula Magna of the Humanities School (via Balbi, 2), whereas the location of the short course is still to be confirmed.

  • 24.02.2016, 3PM. Giacomo Samek Lodovici (Catholic University of Milan):¬†Giustizia liberale e/o virt√Ļ civili?
  • 23.03.2016, 16PM. Patrizio Odetti (Director¬† DIMI, University of Genoa):¬†Perch√© i medici non amano curare gli anziani?¬†Le virt√Ļ nelle professioni sanitarie.
  • 11 aprile 2016, 15PM. Sante Maletta (Universit√† di Bergamo) “Virt√Ļ e legge naturale. Una prospettiva ‘sovversiva’”. Biblioteca di Filosofia, Via Balbi 4, I piano.
  • (autunno – data da definirsi).¬†Carla Bagnoli (University of Modena e Reggio Emilia-University of Oslo):¬†L’autorit√† dell’amore.¬†
  • 26, 27, 28.04.2016.¬†Raquel Lazaro Cantero, Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona):¬†Las virtudes en Adam Smith.


Planned activities in affiliated institutions


November, 26. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: Gabriele De Anna (University of Udine), Ragione e bene nell’azione. [Location: via San Geminiano 3, Modena (Aula R: 14-17.15)]


Cultivating Virtues: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Oriel College, Oxford, January 7‚Äď9, 2016 The fourth annual conference of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, University of Birmingham. – See more at: http://www.jubileecentre.ac.uk/1643/conferences/cultivating-virtues#sthash.pa2ddFaO.dpuf